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Summer 2023 Exams

A level Results Day is on Thursday 17 August 23.

GCSE Results Day is on Thursday 24 August 23.

Post Results Services

Post Results services are available after results are issued. They include:

  • Clerical Re-Check – to see if all marks have been added up correctly
  • Review of Marking – to check if the mark scheme was adhered to correctly
  • Access to Scripts 

Before students submit a request for a review of marking, they must note that – as a result of a review:

  • the original grade can go down
  • the original grade can go up
  • the original grade can remain the same 

If a grade is lowered as a result of a review request, it is not possible to return to the original grade. 

Furthermore, Post Results Services incur fees to be paid by parents/carers. Here is a table of the fees. The fees are per unit/component (not per subject), and have to be paid in advance via ParentMail.

JCQ provides a useful flowchart to help make decisions about Post Result Services. School staff are happy to discuss the various options with students. Please contact the Exams Officer in the first instance ([email protected]).

If a student wishes to apply for a Post Results Service:

  • The student has to fill in this form. This form only works if the student fills it in using their school email address.
  • The parent/carer has to pay the fee via ParentMail (go to ‘Shop’ and put all required fee items in the basket, then go to checkout and pay)

by the following dates/times:

Wednesday 23 August 11pmfor A level Priority Review of Marking
Monday 28 August 11pmfor A level Access to Scripts
Thursday 5 September 11pmfor GCSE Access to Scripts
Wednesday 27 September 11pmfor (non-priority) Review of Marking and Clerical Re-Checks

Description of services

Clerical Re-Check This service will include the following checks:
• that all parts of the script have been marked
• the totalling of marks
• the recording of marks

Review of Marking


This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly. Reviewers will not re-mark the script. They will only act to correct any errors identified in the original marking. This service includes a clerical re-check.
Priority Review of Marking This is the same as Review of Marking, but conducted as a priority by the awarding body. This service is only available for A-level qualifications.
Access to Scripts This is a priority service that ensures copies of scripts are returned in sufficient time to allow decisions to be made whether a non-priority review of marking should be applied for.