Ofsted And Monitoring

The Swan School’s first Ofsted Inspection was held on the 13th and 14th of September 2023.  The overall outcome of the inspection was as follows:

  • Behaviour and Attitudes – Outstanding
  • Personal Development – Outstanding
  • Leadership and Management – Outstanding
  • Sixth Form – Outstanding
  • Quality of Education – Good


As a result, the Overall Effectiveness of the school was graded as Good.

The report praised the school’s ambitious vision, which is shared by students, parents, and staff.  It also highlighted the school’s “vibrant culture”, “consistently effective teaching”, “behaviour [that is] excellent in lessons and at social times”, and “personal development [opportunities that are] a strong and distinctive feature of the school”.  Perhaps most importantly, the report confirmed that this is a place where children are “known as individuals”, students feel  “safe, happy, and valued” and are “very proud of their school”.