Pastoral Care

At The Swan, we believe that our students’ personal and social wellbeing are just as important and their academic achievements. We encourage all of our students to act with integrity and show kindness to themselves, others, and our community.

The House System

All Swan students are part of a tutor group and house. A student’s form tutor and co-tutor are their first point of contact for any pastoral issues. When the school grows, each house will have a Head of House and a non-teaching Deputy Head of House. Heads of House will be responsible for their house and for having an overview of their students’ education, including their academic progress, welfare, and behaviour.

Houses are a vertical community within a school. They facilitate students to collaborate and lead across year groups, as providing opportunities for healthy inter-house competition!

Pastoral Support

Our Pastoral Support Champion, Ms Walton, is a non-teaching member of staff who is responsible for working with students who need additional pastoral support. She also delivers intervention sessions with students with social, emotional, and mental health needs.

School Nurse

Our school nurse is Jane Saxton, who is in school from 1-3pm on Tuesdays. Students can drop in to see her in the meeting room at lunchtime, or make an appointment to see her through Ms Walton. Her email address is [email protected] and her number is 01865 904225, if you want to discuss anything outside this time.

Pastoral Curriculum

Students spend 40 minutes per day in tutor time taking part in a pastoral curriculum designed to enhance their personal development. The pastoral curriculum can be seen below. It is centrally planned to make the best use of the time available, ensuring that no time is wasted. The pastoral curriculum is different from, but just as valuable as, the academic curriculum.

  • Monday – assembly; guided reading
  • Tuesday – guided reading; personal development (PHSCE and RSE)
  • Wednesday – guided reading; thought for the week
  • Thursday – guided reading; values-based activity (linked to assembly)
  • Friday – guided reading; ‘Team-building’/Recognitions