Family Dining

Family dining is one of the most special features of life at The Swan. All of our students and teachers share a delicious hot lunch together every day.

We recreate a ‘family’ atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to engage in conversation and take responsibility for different aspects of the service, for example laying the table, serving food, or tidying the table at the end of the meal.  

Each lunch service is guided by a senior member of staff who leads a daily ‘reflection’ and weekly ‘gratitudes’ where students express thanks for what others have done for them during the week.

Lunches at The Swan are vegetarian (meat is available at other times) for three main reasons:

  • Quality –vegetarian meals allow us to provide better quality for the same price.
  • Environment – reducing our meat consumption decreases our carbon footprint.
  • Community – all our students are able to sit together, regardless of their dietary preferences or religious requirements.


Breakfast club, with free porridge for all students, is available every day from 8.15am. Healthy snacks are also available to buy at break-time. Students are welcome to bring a healthy (fruit or vegetable) snack in for breaktime and these must be eaten in the dining hall or other designated space.  Students are not allowed to bring a packed lunch.