Accelerated Learning/SEND

The Swan School will always be an inclusive school, ensuring that all students learn well, no matter what their previous experiences of learning, background or circumstances. Our experience in schools confirms that all young people can learn challenging content. Therefore, our approach to teaching students with SEND or other barriers to learning is to ensure that classroom delivery and organisation is of the highest standard, and to intervene immediately when evidence shows that a student is falling behind. If a student demonstrates lower than expected levels of literacy or numeracy in the early years, intensive teaching will be provided to ensure that this is, where possible, remedied. 

Our staff support students who are falling behind in five main ways. Those five ways are:

  • Having the highest expectations for all students and not making excuses for some
  • Instilling the value of Dedication – we constantly remind our students of the importance of hard work in overcoming challenges
  • Making sure that all our staff are aware of individual children’s learning needs and effective strategies that can be used to support them
  • Investing time for teachers to identify misconceptions and ‘re-teach’ in order to close learning gaps
  • Teachers and Accelerated Learning Champions delivering well planned interventions to individual or small groups of students and monitoring the impact of these interventions.