Uniform And Equipment

The Swan School - Uniform Expectations

Why have a school uniform?

 At The Swan School, we have a school uniform for many important reasons:

  • Smart, professional, appearance – this helps students’ readiness for the working world.
  • Reduces cognitive load – students have one less thing to think about in the morning!
  • Reduces bullying by reducing visible ‘differences’ between
  • Affordability – reduces pressure to wear the ‘latest’ clothing.
  • Health and safety – clothing that is appropriate to learning activities helps students stay safe.

School Uniform Affordability

We regularly consult with staff, students, and parents about our school uniform in order to ensure the highest levels of comfort, affordability, and inclusivity. Our school uniform has a minimal number of items that need to be purchased from one specific provider. Our school uniform supplier is an online store to further reduce the cost to families. A second hand uniform shop is available and grants are provided for families who are eligible for pupil premium.


Only items marked in bold italics with (P&B) must be purchased through our uniform provider.

  • Students can wear sports uniform on days when they have PE or sports elective/enrichment.
  • On other days, they should wear their formal uniform.
  • White shirt/blouse
  • ‘Smart’ plain, grey bottoms – trousers, skirt, shorts, salwar kameez (or similar)
  • Navy blue ‘Swan School’ jumper or cardigan with green trim (P&B)
  • Swan PE T-shirt (P&B)
  • Swan PE sweatshirt (P&B) – optional. The navy ‘formal uniform’ jumper may also be worn as an alternative.
  • Plain navy blue bottoms, e.g. joggers, shorts, or leggings – other colours including black and items with large logos are not permitted.
  • Trainers appropriate for sports (rather than fashion).
  • Students can wear any plain black shoes, including trainers/boots.  These items must be completely black (i.e. no coloured soles/logos)
  • Students can choose to wear a warm coat on top of their uniform – students will be asked to remove their coats when inside/in lessons
  • Coats may be any colour – we recommend something highly visible if walking/cycling.
  • Students are not allowed to wear a hoodie/extra jumpers instead of a coat/jumper.
  • ‘Natural’ make-up is allowed
  • Jewellery that causes a health and safety hazard is not allowed, e.g. dangly earrings/hoops.
  • Students can wear ‘unnatural’ hair colours and styles.
  • Students can wear jewellery as long as it does not cause a health and safety hazard – e.g. dangly/hooped earrings are still not allowed.
  • Students can wear coloured headscarves.
  • School bags should be sufficiently large to hold everything a child needs for the day – we recommend a rucksack.

School uniform is checked every morning.  If a student wears incorrect uniform, they will be asked to change into a spare clothing belonging to the school.  These items must be returned at the end of the day.  If a student refuses to change, they will not be permitted to attend lessons.

  • Large pencil case
  • 2 x black/blue pen
  • 2 x pencil
  • Green pen
  • Ruler (we recommend 30cm)
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Scientific calculator (fx‑83GTCW or fx-85GTCW with solar panel)
  • Student planner and homework jotter – will be provided by the school
  • Reading Book
  • Timetable