Sociology A-Level at The Swan

Sociology is the academic study of how societies work and the ways in which individuals, groups, and institutions are interrelated. It provides students with the exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and reflect on social issues. Students will have the opportunity to develop and formulate clear, logical arguments with scope for extensive evaluation from a range of theoretical perspectives. The study of sociology enables students to place the current debates in society within both a theoretical and evidence based context

This subject opens up the possibility for fascinating discussions, for example ‘what impact do digital forms of communication have on social relations?’, ‘how do sociologists investigate inequality in society?’ and ‘what are the patterns and trends of religion in relation to social class?’

At The Swan School, students will be taught by expert, experienced teachers in small classes and will benefit immensely from our supportive, but focussed, academic approach to teaching.

6 in English Literature or Literature GCSE

AQA Sociology (H580)

Socialisation, culture and identity (30%)

Researching and understanding social inequalities (35%)

Debates in contemporary society (35%)