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Politics A-Level at The Swan

Why study Politics at The Swan?

The study of politics at The Swan will help you understand something which affects all of our lives on a daily basis. Not only will you gain a well-respected academic qualification which is looked upon favourably by universities and employers alike, but you will also quickly come to understand current affairs in the UK and the world much better. Studying Politics is always exciting, and will be even more so in what looks set to be an election year.

The first year A level course gives a firm grounding in the ways in which people engage with politics in the UK, the institutions which shape our lives, and some of the ideas which underpin our political systems. The second year will develop your understanding of political ideas, and also look at the ways the international community comes together to attempt to deal with major issues including global terrorism, poverty, economic instability, weapons proliferation, failing states and environmental degradation.

The study of A level politics will develop skills of analysis, argument and debate. In addition to this, A level politics students will be encouraged to take advantage of the varied enrichment opportunities that Oxford has to offer, for example: lectures, debates and essay writing competitions, and to participate in political activity. A student who wishes to study politics at The Swan should have a keen interest in, or be highly curious about current affairs in the United Kingdom and the wider world, and be willing to turn politics into a passion rather than a subject.

6 in an essay-based subject at GCSE: English Literature or Language, History, or RE


Edexcel A level Politics (9PL0)

Component 1: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas (33% of A level, 2 hour exam)

This unit covers:

  • Democracy and Participation
  • Political Parties
  • Elections and Voting
  • Voting Behaviour and the Media
  • Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism


Component 2: UK Government and Non-Core Political Ideas (33% of A level, 2 hour exam)

This unit covers:

  • The UK Constitution
  • Parliament
  • The Prime Minister and Executive
  • Relationships Between the Branches
  • Multiculturalism or Nationalism – tbc

Component 3: Comparative Politics – Global Politics (Option 3B, 33% of A level, 2 hour exam)

This unit covers:

  • The state and globalisation
  • Global governance: political and economic
  • Global governance: human rights and environmental
  • Power and developments
  • Regionalism and the European Union
  • Comparative theories.