EPQ/ EE Qualifications at The Swan

At The Swan, we place high value on achieving academic excellence and preparing students for the challenges of later life. Our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Extended Essay (EE) qualifications are designed to ensure our Sixth Form pupils understand the skills they need to become successful and autonomous researchers and thinkers. By undertaking these courses, students will create and develop their own project research idea, receiving expert guidance from staff supervisors to help revise and adapt their research focus. Additionally, as a taught course, they will learn key research skills including project management and organisational strategies, referencing and citation, deepening reflective thinking and how to present findings effectively. Students will also be given the opportunity to learn from world-class researchers including our very own Librarian, Dr Roynon, and experts at the Bodleian Library who deliver a bespoke research and study skills course for our Sixth Form. 

The EPQ project culminates in a 5000 word written report (or artefact and accompanying report) worth half an A level. By contrast, the EE project is a shorter, internal qualification with a report of up to 2000 words and counts towards the Swan Leadership Programme (SLP). Progression across the projects is also tracked by an electronic Production Log and at the end of the course, students will present their findings to others in small groups. Regardless of pathway, both qualifications will set students up exceptionally well for future study and give them the confidence and skills they need to be independent and critical thinkers.