Economics A-Level at The Swan

Economics will help open your mind to the world; helping you to grapple with current affairs and moral issues. You will learn to approach a mixture of written essays, graphs and some mathematical content.

Issues such as market failure, energy, banking, green taxes, poverty and wages will be considered, in the context of live issues such as Brexit, and global markets. A keen interest and knowledge of current events is vital. The course will prepare you for a wide range of further study at degree level due to its diversity and flexibility.

We are setting up our economics department from scratch this year, so we are looking for students with passion and ideas for extra circulars as well to set up societies, trips, speakers, debates etc. Small class sizes are very likely so you get a significant amount of individual feedback and instruction on how to improve your work.

6 Economics GCSE OR 6 Maths GCSE and 5 English Literature or Language GCSE

Edexcel Economics A (2015)

Paper 1: Markets and business behaviour (35%)


Paper 2: The national and global economy (35%)


Paper 3: Microeconomics and macroeconomics (30%)