The catchment area for The Swan School is detailed in the downloadable documents provided below. Broadly, it includes Marston and Northway, as well as all of North Oxford, Cutteslowe, Wolvercote, Jericho, central Oxford, St Clement’s, Barton and all streets off the Abingdon Road. Streets to the north of London Road through Headington are included (the John Radcliffe Hospital side) but not streets to the south. In the west of the city, the River Thames marks the edge of the catchment area. So, if you are on the Botley side of the Thames you are outside the catchment area. We have provided you with all the documents made available to us so you can work out whether you are in the catchment area or not. The clearest map is probably the one titled ‘Street Name Map of Complete Catchment Area’. In it, the edge of the catchment area is marked in red. The map referring to the Cowley Area of Catchment has a slightly misleading title. Cowley is not in the catchment area, but some streets either side of the city centre end of the Cowley Road are.