It is school, but not as we know it.

When I first became a headteacher, the nugget of wisdom that I received time and time again from everyone I consulted was along the lines of, “everyday will be different, you just never know what is going to happen next”.  What the last few months have proved are that these words have never been so […]

World Book Day Update – We’ve Adopted a Chimp!

Thanks to their brilliant fundraising efforts, Swan students raised an impressive £54.15 on World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters! The children had expressed that with the money raised, they wanted the money to go to a charity for chimpanzees.  The Swan School has used the money to adopt the chimp […]

Oxford University Visits The Swan

On Monday, we were visited by Emma Johnson as part of The University of Oxford’s Oxplore programme.  The aim of the programme is to help students become more aware of the range of options available to them after they leave school, as well as helping them better understand what university can offer. All students participated […]

World Book Day – You’re never too old for fancy dress!

Swan School staff and students celebrated World Book Day on Thursday the 5th March by dressing up as their favourite book characters and taking part in different book-related activities throughout the day.  The purpose of World Book Day is to celebrate reading and it was lovely to hear our students talk so passionately about the […]

Swan Students Visit The Weston Library

This week, we were lucky enough to visit the Weston Library, where students participated in a carousel of activities on Anglo-Saxon literature. We were shown some priceless medieval manuscripts, some of them over 1000 years old, by the curators. They talked us through how the books were written and illustrated (counter-intuitively the words come first and the illustrations […]

Netball Fever Takes Over The Swan

On Thursday afternoon this week, we held our latest inter-house competition – netball! The competition was in two halves – firstly the semi-finals where 7H competed with 7B, and 7L took on 7Y.  It was a close run thing but the eventual semi-final winners were 7B and 7Y.  The highlight of the semi-finals was Hannan […]

Swan students thanked for their generosity

At the end of last term, Swan cygnets and staff celebrated Christmas jumper day.  In exchange for wearing their Christmas jumper, people were asked to bring a donation to the local food bank in order to help those in our local community who are in need at this time of year.  To prepare, we had […]

Inter-house Languages Competition

Last week, our cygnets took part in their first non-sporting inter-house competition.  The contest was based around our students’ love of learning new languages.  At The Swan, we think that learning other languages is essential.  Not only does it help students communicate more effectively and understand their place in the world better, but it also […]

Reflections on our first term

I became a headteacher for the first time at the start of September – and I have to admit that the three and a half months since then have passed in something of a blur. The first 120 students of The Swan School, Oxford’s first completely new secondary for some 60 years, passed through the […]

We have a school!

Yesterday all of the months of hard work and planning paid off.  Our very first cygnets walked through the door and we can now officially say that we are a school!  The students are the ones who bring the life and soul into the place so before they arrived we were really just a collection […]