We have a school!

Yesterday all of the months of hard work and planning paid off.  Our very first cygnets walked through the door and we can now officially say that we are a school!  The students are the ones who bring the life and soul into the place so before they arrived we were really just a collection […]

First week with staff

This week we started final preparations for the Swan School to officially open on the 9th September.     It was both a pleasure and relief to see all the staff walk through the doors on Monday.  I say pleasure because, as a headteacher, it is an extremely rare opportunity to be able to hand-pick every […]

What lies beneath The Swan?

What’s underneath The Swan’s new home?

Lessons from the recruitment front line

The Swan School WILL open in September

The Swan School on the BBC this morning

Food, glorious food!

Swan seeking music, PE and languages teachers

The Swan School is seeking five more leaders