Students at The Swan School will be able to access a wide range of activities alongside the curriculum, helping them to develop confidence, curiosity and resilience, and ensuring their development into well-rounded young people.
Whilst some activities will be chosen by students through the electives programme, there will be a core programme of activities that all will complete. Because we are a new school we are able to prioritise these activities and arrange the timetable and school day so that they are an entitlement for all, not an optional extra for a few.

To give an indication of our approach, we intend that every student in Year 7 and 8 will take part in a music or drama performance, either in our own performance space, or in one of the many beautiful venues in the city. All will be taught public speaking skills so they are able to talk with confidence in front of an audience. Furthermore, all students will learn to debate formally and will take part in competitions that will empower them to set out their views. Each year, poems will be learned by heart and performed. Sport will be compulsory and regular, with every student playing in at least one team in the first year.
Students will be active participants in the school, local community and beyond. Consideration, kindness and contributing to society will be important values at The Swan School.