What lies beneath The Swan?

On Saturday, new Swan families and I braved the adverse weather conditions to find out more about the archaeological findings that have been unearthed where are new school buildings will be located.  I am sure I speak for others who attended when I say that I definitely had second thoughts when I saw that Storm Hannah was coming in but that the tour of the site was definitely worth getting a little cold and wet for!

It was fascinating to see and hear about some of the things that have been found, including items from iron age, Roman, and mediaeval times.  Sadly there was no buried treasure(!) but it was fascinating to know more about how this plot of land has been valued at the heart of the community for thousands of years.  For example, evidence of a kiln was found that would have provided vital materials for the people of the area as well as for export throughout the empire. We want to continue this legacy of being at the heart of the community for many years into the future.  We hope to retain some of the artefacts that were found to display when our new home opens in 2020 to remind us of this shared history.

Aside from the archaeological finds, it was particularly interesting to get onto the site and to see the amazing progress that has already been made with construction.  I am pleased to report that the project is very much on track. This was the first time that many of our new students will have seen where they will be going to school in just over a year’s time and it was great to be able to finally visualise where everything is going to be.  The site is very large and, being set back from the road, very peaceful – the perfect place to provide an exceptional education for our children. I look forward to being able to share further updates on progress with construction soon.