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The Swan School celebrates National Poetry Day

On Thursday 1st October,  we celebrated National Poetry Day in style. Students came to the Library throughout their lunch break to enjoy our fantastic new collection of anthologies. They chose either to read a poem quietly, recite a poem out loud,  or write their own poem. They then wrote up on the whiteboard their own thoughts about poets ranging from Maya Angelou to William Blake. People wrote about how poems made them feel and why – ‘calm’, ‘funny’, ‘cheers me up’, ‘mysterious’, ‘like a game’,  and ‘heart-warming’. Well-earned National Poetry Day bookmarks and stickers were soon in evidence throughout the school. And Amir in Year 8 perhaps said it all with his own high-energy poem: ‘ I am a poet creator … I am a poet, poet, … I love it, love it, love it, I am a friendly lion, I am a designer, and now I am a poet’!    Dr Roynon, School Librarian