Temporary site for The Swan School’s first intake

The initial intake of 120 Year 7 pupils at The Swan School will be based in temporary buildings on playing fields next to The Cherwell School South Site in Marston Ferry Road. It is expected that the new buildings at the other end of the Marston Ferry Road will be ready to move into in September 2020 or at some point in the academic year 2020-2021. The latest news on the construction of the permanent site can be found here on a website set up by the developer.

Details of the temporary accommodation can be found in the accompanying PDF, which was produced by The Swan project’s developers, along with the Department for Education and the River Learning Trust.

The search for the new site was undertaken by the Department for Education, in conjunction with the River Learning Trust. It took a little bit longer than we had anticipated, but we believe that the decision that has been reached is the best possible outcome for the majority of concerned parties.

We are delighted with the location as it is close to the permanent site for The Swan and provides opportunities and space that would not have been possible elsewhere. We hope prospective parents will agree that it is a good solution.

It is going to be based in temporary buildings because Cherwell does not have spare capacity and a separate site will allow The Swan to fully embed its own identity and create a friendly, ‘small-school ethos’.

At the moment it is anticipated that this arrangement will be in place for the duration of The Swan’s first year, with students moving across to the new school buildings in Marston at the start of the following academic year (September 2020).

All parties involved in the project will be striving hard for the temporary arrangement to last for as short a time as possible. But this is a major development so we will also plan for all eventualities to ensure that we are able to continue to provide an outstanding education for our students.

As a result the planning application allows us to be in temporary buildings for two years. It doesn’t mean we will be in them for two years, but it does mean that we can be if things don’t go quite to plan.

The governing body of The Cherwell School, which is also run by the River Learning Trust, unanimously approved the arrangement.