Swan School admissions process to open soon

Parents can now apply for places at secondary school for the academic year 2019-2020, and it is intended that the admissions form for The Swan School will be available in the next couple of days. The Oxford Mail is reporting this and the story can be read here.

The city council last week rejected our application for new buildings at Marston, but there are ways that this decision can be overturned and we are still planning to open next September.

You will not be taking a risk in any way by applying to The Swan School, as you will see by reading on. Whatever happens over the coming weeks and months your child will not be left without a secondary if you apply to us.

Apologies if you know all this already, but here is a summary of the process…

If you are thinking of applying for The Swan you should complete the separate form that will soon appear on our website or be available in physical form from our office and then send this to us. We will then send it to the county council.

At the same time you should complete the usual county council form, choosing from the list of existing city secondaries. You must complete both to make sure you get allocated a school.

Then, in the spring you will find out from the county council whether you have got a place at The Swan and which school you have been given in the usual county council process.

If you have a place at The Swan, you will have a decision to make on where your child goes to school.

While we will collect the forms for The Swan School the final decision on whether you have a place with us will be taken by the county council.

An application for The Swan will not prejudice your application for an existing school.

The city council’s decision last Wednesday was disappointing, there is no getting away from that. But we were encouraged by the fact that the officers involved in the process recommended that the school be built.

This is usually a sound basis for a successful appeal, but this can be a long and expensive process for all parties and no decision has yet been made about our next step.

Nevertheless, we are continuing to plan for a 2019 opening (the first cohort of students will be taught in high-class temporary accommodation at a site to be revealed).

An open evening for the parents of prospective students will be held in October and a date for this will be announced very soon.