Physics A-Level at The Swan

Students will also achieve a Practical Endorsement in Physics by completing a minimum of 12 practical activities throughout the duration of the course.

Physics students at the Swan will have a highly rigorous and academic experience. The curriculum gives a detailed insight into all areas of Physics, and is excellent preparation for a variety of university courses including Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and all areas of Engineering. Lessons at The Swan will emphasise the clarity of the most important subject content and procedures, and will provide extensive class-based and independent practice opportunities to allow students to achieve mastery. Students will carry out the practical elements of the course in our brand new laboratories, and will be guided to make clear links between their theoretical and experimental work. Students will be able to supplement their studies with enrichment activities within the Science Faculty, such as our programme of talks by scientists from universities and the local area.

7 in GCSE Physics or 7-7 in GCSE Combined Science must also study Mathematics at A Level

AQA A-level Physics (7408)

Content Modules:

1 Measurements and their errors

2 Particles and radiation

3 Waves

4 Mechanics and materials

5 Electricity

6 Further mechanics and thermal physics

7 Fields and their consequences

8 Nuclear physics


Students will take 3 written exams at the end of the course.

Paper 1: content from modules 1-5.

Paper 2: content from modules 6-8.

Paper 3: content on practical experiments and data analysis as well as one optional topic.