Further Mathematics A-Level at The Swan

Students who choose to study Further Mathematics at A-Level do so because they have both loved and been hugely successful in their study of Mathematics at GCSE. They have most likely made up their mind that they wish to study Mathematics or a very closely related subject at university, such as Physics, and are looking to deepen their knowledge in preparation for future study.

It is to be expected, therefore, that Further Mathematics is a very challenging A-Level choice. As such, teachers will be dedicated to supporting their students by delivering the same standard of  high-quality lessons that has become synonymous with The Swan School since its opening. In addition, students will be expected to show the same levels of dedication to meet the high demands needed to succeed on the course, and will be supported in doing so every step of the way by the passionate and experienced teaching staff in the Mathematics department.

8 in GCSE Mathematics must also be studying Mathematics at A-Level

Edexcel A Level Further Mathematics (9FM0)


Core Mathematics (2 x 1hr30 exam, each with 25% weighting):

Topic 1 – Proof

Topic 2 – Complex numbers

Topic 3 –  Matrices

Topic 4 – Further algebra and functions

Topic 5 – Further calculus

Topic 6 – Further vectors

Topic 7 – Polar coordinates

Topic 8 – Hyperbolic functions

Topic 9 – Differential equations

Applied Mathematics (Choosing two modules* from the list below, each with a 1hr30 exam and a 25% weighting):

– Decision Mathematics

– Further Mechanics

– Further Statistics

*Module choice will typically be Decision Mathematics and Further Mechanics but may vary year-on-year, perhaps due to availability of teachers’ with appropriate subject specialisms or at the request of an overwhelming majority of the students studying the course.