Biology A-Level at The Swan

Students will also achieve a Practical Endorsement in Biology by completing a minimum of 12 practical activities throughout the duration of the course.

Swan is an academic and rigorous environment where lessons are well planned and contain expert explanation and time to practise concepts. An A-Level in Biology can lead on to further study in science at university level in a broad range of scientific disciplines.

Students will carry out the practical elements of the course in our brand new laboratories, and will be guided to make clear links between their theoretical and experimental work.

The Science department works closely with other departments in the school to ensure that the teaching of common content, for example with the other sciences and maths complement each other.

The Science department has a programme of extension opportunities in the form of science talks, where scientists from the local area and universities speak to the students about various topics to help expand your repertoire beyond the course.

7 in Biology GCSE or 7-7 in combined science GCSE’s

AQA A-level Biology (7402)

1 Biological molecules

2 Cells

3 Organisms exchange substances with their environment

4 Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

5 Energy transfers in and between organisms

6 Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments

7 Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems

8 The control of gene expression


Students will take 3 written exams at the end of the course.

Paper 1: content from modules 1-4.

Paper 2: content from modules 5-8.

Paper 3: Any content from topics 1–8, including relevant practical skills. This paper includes a biological essay.