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Inter-house Languages Competition

Last week, our cygnets took part in their first non-sporting inter-house competition.  The contest was based around our students’ love of learning new languages.  At The Swan, we think that learning other languages is essential.  Not only does it help students communicate more effectively and understand their place in the world better, but it also helps to develops their decoding and problem-solving skills amongst so many other things.

Each form class had to work as a team to decode sentences in a completely new language – Yolmo.  Yolmo is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Nepal by around 10 000 people.  Students were first introduced to some simple phrases with their translations and had to work out what each of the different words meant.  Armed with this knowledge, they then had to translate some other, previously unseen, sentences.  The competition was a real test of students’ decoding and problem-solving skills.  They also had to listen and work together.

The winning form class was 7Y.  They managed to achieve a score of 8 out of 9.

The competition is attached here – can you do any better?