Food will be an extremely important part of life at The Swan – not least because of my own tendency to get ‘hangry’ when not properly fed!  

All Swan staff and students will eat together as a family.  They will enjoy a healthy, nutritious meal together and will be encouraged to try different foods. Our students will also take responsibility for different roles at lunch-times, such as laying the table, serving the food, and clearing up at the end.  They will discuss relevant and interesting topics during the meal and have the opportunity to share their publicly ideas with the rest of the group.

At our permanent home, the dining hall space is configured specifically to allow this kind of dining to happen.  In year 1, we will be using the club-house adjacent to our ‘temps’ to prepare and serve food “family style”.

Given that all our students will eat a school lunch, I am acutely aware of our responsibility to ensure that meals are not only healthy, tasty, and affordable, but also environmentally sustainable.  That is why we are taking decisions about catering so seriously.

Next week, we will be meeting several caterers to find out more about what they have to offer.  I am sure that we will have the chance to try some delicious food but it will be vital that we look past what they serve us on the day.  We need to be sure that they are able to maintain high standards in the long-run, which comes down to their management structures, and that they completely buy-into The Swan’s approach to food.

To misquote a well know phrase, “the way to a child’s heart is through his or her stomach.”  With food being very much at the heart of the school, it is vital that we get it right!