This week we started final preparations for the Swan School to officially open on the 9th September.  

It was both a pleasure and relief to see all the staff walk through the doors on Monday.  I say pleasure because, as a headteacher, it is an extremely rare opportunity to be able to hand-pick every single member of your team from scratch.  I also say relief because, after a long summer holiday of mainly lone working, it is great to have so many more people involved and contributing ideas.  Let me tell you that staff lived up to and surpassed all expectations and I finish the week feeling even more excited that before and confident at how successful the school is going to be.

One of the most pleasing aspects was how we have already started to create a ‘learning and feedback culture’.  I want the Swan to be a place where everyone is excited about learning – not just our students! So it was great to hear people talking about research and blogs that they have read, and sharing best practice around curriculum and teaching.  I look forward to being challenged on my own practice in the future and continuing to get better thanks to the amazing people around me.