Construction is under way on our permanent home

It has been a big few weeks for everyone here at The Swan – the planning permission for our temporary site was granted last Wednesday, construction has now started on our state-of-the-art permanent home in Marston, and just yesterday we recruited a fantastic deputy headteacher to join our team (more details to follow shortly!).  It is such a pleasure to see everything we have been planning for so long coming together before our very eyes.

On Monday, the BBC visited the site to witness the start of construction on the first new comprehensive secondary school in the city for about 60 years.  It was great to see the construction team taking such care over their work and to hear the site managers explaining in detail the next few phases of the project.  There was certainly a lot of interest from the children at St Nicholas Primary (the shouts of “Bob the Builder!” echoed for the whole of their break-time!) and users of the cycle lane (many of whom stopped to chat and ask questions).

For me personally, this was my first experience of being interviewed on camera.  Although I am always happy to promote The Swan and could talk about the school for days on end, it was still a daunting prospect!  I have certainly learned a lot, not least about how much work goes into the short clips we end up seeing on our television and hope to have more opportunities to share news about the great work we are doing at The Swan in the future.  

You can see more images from the day elsewhere on our site.