You may still apply for a place at The Swan School,
but all applications received after 31st October are considered to be late applications.
In line with school admission policies, late applications will be considered
after those received on time.

What happens

after the deadline?

On 1st March 2019, parents will be informed if their child has been allocated a place at The Swan School, as well as which other existing school they have been allocated by Oxfordshire County Council. Parents will then have the opportunity to take up a place at The Swan School or the place at a school allocated by OCC. Details of how to take up the offer of the school place will be provided at the time.
If, following consideration of all applicants, the school turns out to be oversubscribed, parents may request that their child is placed on the Continued Interest List. How to make this request will also be communicated to relevant families once school allocations have been made.

Children’s position on the Continued Interest List is determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria in our admissions policy. Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. The list will be reordered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria whenever anyone is added to or leaves the Continued Interest List.

We will run further information events in the spring term and will publish details of these on our website, as well as contacting those on our mailing list.
Should you have any queries, do please contact us at [email protected]

Process for applying for a
place at the Swan School

Two forms by 31st October

This year, parents have had to fill out an application form specifically for The Swan School and, at the same time, fill out the usual county council application form, indicating their school preferences from the list of existing secondaries in the area.

The Swan School was not an option in the usual county council form and it was vital that both forms were filled out.

You choose in March 2019

If your application to The Swan School is successful, then you will choose whether to take up the place offered or go to the school you have been allocated in the usual county council application process.

There is no risk in applying

Applying for The Swan School, even late, will not affect your application for other schools. The final decision to accept the place at the Swan School or the school allocated via the county council is yours to make in March 2019.

For places in 2020 and onwards

This admissions process will only operate for entry to The Swan School for September 2019. After that, The Swan School will become an option on the usual county council application form.