A distinctive feature of life at The Swan School will be the arrangements for catering and lunch. Children and staff will sit and eat a cooked meal together, every day, in our specialist dining space, to promote healthy eating, good relations, maturity and conversation skills. This communal approach will help students to engage in discussions with confidence and develop consideration for others There will be time following this to run around and play with friends.
Helping students to understand food and diet will also be important at the school, making full use of the two modern and well-equipped food technology rooms. These facilities, alongside the nutritious food available at break and lunch, will help students to increase their awareness of healthy eating. Because of this, they will be set up with the knowledge and good habits to enjoy a healthy lifestyle during and beyond their school days.

Students at The Swan School will have access to the most up-to-date equipment to help them with their learning. Students will learn to make best use of this kit to enhance, accelerate and enjoy their learning, with regular access to computers, devices and audio-visual equipment in school. We will also make best use of cloud technologies to allow students to share and collaborate on relevant work easily, and to ensure efficient and easy communication with home. As well as this, the school will benefit from excellent wifi coverage, enabling a full range of flexible learning opportunities.
For enthusiastic students who want to know more, we anticipate that advanced computing and coding will be available through our electives and co-curricular programme. This will mean that students can pursue their interests and push the boundaries of their knowledge and skill.​