School Day

The Swan School will start later and have a longer day (except on Fridays). This is for a number of reasons, not all of them educational.

The school is set to be built in a busy city, with other schools relatively nearby. The later opening and closing times are proposed, in part, to avoid congestion at peak times.

From an educational point of view, the longer day will mean students can be taught a wider range of content and have more contact time with teachers.

It will also allow some homework to be done at the end of the school day in a supervised study session. We feel this is important so that the balance between work at school and supporting family time in the home is improved.

A longer day will also mean time for  ‘electives’ every week. Electives are timetabled slots in which students choose from a range of enriching activities alongside the main curriculum, including specialised sport, music or drama, lectures and volunteering.