The curriculum at The Swan School will be tailored to provide a rigorous academic education. We will have the highest expectations of what students will learn and will encourage them to learn quickly and securely, while being sympathetic to all abilities.
The subjects taught will be broadly traditional, but all students will be motivated to stretch themselves beyond what is normally expected in English, mathematics, sciences, French, history, geography and religious education. Alongside this, and seen as of equal value, will be their learning in art, design and technology and music, in which they will be taught to both appreciate the achievements of others and to develop their own creative abilities. In all subjects, the emphasis will be on expertly-designed learning, with high levels of structure. There will be absolute clarity for all on what students are expected to know and do at each point. No time will be spent on tasks that don’t move students on.

This will also be evident in the provision of independent work – some of which will be completed in the ‘prep’ period at the end of the day, and some at home. This will be purposeful, clear and useful, normally involving practice or learning by heart of material taught in lessons.
Everyone at The Swan School will work hard, guided by the belief that, through effort and dedication, wonderful things can happen. Students will be expected to show commitment, self-discipline and responsibility in their studies. As a result, they will produce beautiful work and learn to achieve more than they thought possible. Their teachers and support staff will show the same level of dedication and so experience the professional joys and satisfaction that is brought by helping young people to learn and grow.

The Swan School will be an inclusive school, ensuring that all students learn well, no matter what their previous experiences of learning, background or circumstances.
Our experience in schools confirms that all young people can learn challenging content. Therefore, our approach to teaching students with SEND or other barriers to learning will be to ensure that classroom delivery and organisation is of the highest standard, and to intervene immediately when evidence shows that a student is falling behind.
If a student demonstrates lower than expected levels of literacy or numeracy in the early years, intensive teaching will be provided to ensure that this is, where possible, remedied. An outstanding learning support team and the extra-flexibility provided by the extended day will allow us to make sure that no student falls behind or does not make good progress. Good schools do not give up on students, and we intend to be a great school.